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The Chinese Zodiac
Description of Personality
Pure hearted and hedonistic, the Pig is the last but not least of the 12 signs. If for no other reason, Pigs have more fun. Who can't help but like the easy going, helpful, courteous and kindly Pig? They make great friends and sensual lovers. Yes, Pigs love anything that appeals to the senses, music, jacuzzis, and of course good food and drink. And, no one more optimistically looks forward to the joys of retirement. On the down side, Pigs are often naive and trusting to a fault. It's no challenge to con a Pig. They're not that great when it comes to managing money either. And, they can be impulsive, often reacting to a situation without thinking. These faults and a gentle nature often mask the Pig's very real inner strength.
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