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by David Hajdu

Unfortunately, due to strange regulations around foreigner visits, my father, the Firepig, could not make this trip.  We had a nice little trip to Peace Village with the folks from Coffee Bean.  It was actually a pretty nice place, surprised me a bit.  The kids were so fun and happy which is amazing considering all the birth defects.  Makes me wonder sometimes why is it so hard for us with trivial issues compared to them to be happy?  More on the blog!

We had a great time out in Saigon and raised 14,000,000 VND for the Peace Village orphanage.  Coffee Bean was crowded.  I only wish i had more time with each person as we had to keep it down to 5 minutes per reading with my son cracking the whip!

The first day was pretty hectic getting the process down and all.  Had some great customers from Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines!  Looking forward to the next few days.
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