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Winter Activities For Your Sign
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When it’s chilly outside, boredom can set in. What do you do with a rainy day or a cold evening? There is only so much bad TV you can watch! So here are some ideas to keep you entertained, whether you’re riding out a snowstorm or just waiting for sunnier skies:

Rat. It’s time for a Scrabble tournament, baby! Even if you can’t go outside and play, you can still exercise your brain. Bonus points if you can spell words that have to do with winter, like “freezing” or “blizzard.”

Ox. Ok, maybe you can’t eat out cause it’s too cold to go anywhere, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a mean meal at home. Try homemade pizza – feel-good comfort food always warms the tum.
Tiger. Get on that elliptical! Even if you can’t go for a run outside, you need to release some of that pent-up energy on your exercise bike. See how far you can ride in an hour.

Rabbit. Come on. Admit it. You love rearranging your furniture. It’s a fun way to pass the time. While you’re at it, browse for some new artwork online. 
Dragon. Play dress up! Rainy days are the perfect time to go shopping in your closet. Try on outfits, mix and match pieces, and see how many new looks you can create.
SnakeCould your brain use a workout? Maybe it’s finally time to catch up on that summer reading you never got to. How about a classic, like “Moby Dick” or “Little Women.”
Horse Read up on feng shui. With your physical-oriented tendencies, it might be fun to just move stuff around and play with different colors and textures in your home. Shop for a new piece of furniture online. 
Sheep Break out that dusty flute or violin from 7th grade band. Make some music. In fact, get the neighbors or your friends to join in and create an ensemble. 
Monkey. Are you prepared for tax season? Ok, maybe it’s not the funnest thing to do in your free time, but try to get ahead on your taxes a bit. Let the vision of a big refund check motivate you!
RoosterGot a liquor cabinet? Play bartender! Experiment with new cocktail ideas. You don’t have to drink them – just tasting them and being creative could be fun. 
Dog. Make a vision board. You know, where you cut out pictures and words from magazines of the things you want? This can be fun – dream big!
Pig. Make a bucket list. Sit around and dream up some things you want to do before you die. Do it with a friend. This always ends up being an interesting discussion!
What do you do to pass the time during rainy or snowy days? Let us know on Facebook!
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