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How Does He Love You?
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Right around Valentine’s Day, we all start thinking about love. Love is gentle. Love is kind. (Or sometimes love is downright mean when it pulls the rug out from under you!) Anyway, you get the idea. We’re all focused on it – whether it’s expressing our sentiments to a spouse or sharing a special day with our kids.

But did you know that his Chinese Element has a lot to do with how he loves you? Yep. Whether he’s Water, Wood, Earth, Metal, or Fire, he’s got his own signature style. Here are the deets on each one:

Water Man:
If your man was born in a Water year -- well – lucky you. Seriously. This guy is in touch with his emotions, he’s sensitive, and he can probably guess what you need even before you realize it yourself! Also? He’s a great communicator, a deep thinker, and he expresses his affection generously and frequently. Sure, his head may be in the clouds 99 percent of the time, but his heart’s in the right place.

Wood Man.
Ahhh… the Wood man. Cooperative. Friendly. Flexible. This guy really is the definition of a team player, and nowhere is this more apparent than in his relationships. He knows when to give and when to take, he’s got his priorities straight, and he’ll always make an effort to get to know your friends and family. How sweet.

Earth Man.
Well, clearly this guy is down-to-earth. When it comes to love, he knows how to keep things in perspective. He’s a good planner, too, which means he knows how to take you on a date that will make your friends jealous! Expect this guy to be the marrying type. He’s definitely in it for the long-haul, so you better be as well!

Metal Man.
The Metal man? Well, he’ll stop at nothing to win you over. He’s success-oriented and logical in his approach to love. He knows who he is and what he believes in. In relationships, he’ll stop at nothing to make it work. However, he could be a teensy bit rigid in his thinking!

Fire Man.
Look out. Heartbreaker on the loose. Well, maybe not, but a Fire man is certainly magnetic. He wants passion, romance, and lots of it! This guy is usually the Romeo type – the one who will sweep you off your feet. If you happen to be super-compatible, he usually won’t hesitate to make a commitment. But if he’s single? Look out, ladies!

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