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Getting Along With Your Rabbit Boss
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Bosses: We love them and we hate them. But regardless of your feelings for your Commander-in-Chief, you’ve got to suck it up and get along with him or her anyway. Personality differences between the Chinese Animal signs can often be key indicators for whether there will be harmony or discord in the workplace. 

Recent Rabbit years were 1951, 1963 and 1975 – is your boss a Rabbit? Let’s take a look at her – and how to get along with this curious creature:

  • Class. Above all, a Rabbit boss is going to appreciate class and professionalism in the workplace. This means no sloppy dressing, rude behavior, or acting casual around clients and important people. 
  • Detail. Your Rabbit boss may be somewhat of a perfectionist, so don’t think you can turn in half-finished work. Pay attention to detail, whether it’s sending an email, giving a presentation, or preparing a report. 
  • Peace. Rabbits want peace and quiet. They also need everyone in the office to get along. Gossip, drama, or inter-office tension just won’t fly with your bunny boss. Keep the peace.
  • Tact. Rabbits tend to be sensitive, so always be tactful when giving criticism, feedback, or suggesting ideas. This is not someone who will respond well to bluntness and aggressive behavior. 
  • Creativity. A Rabbit boss is probably going to be highly creative, and he or she will appreciate the same qualities in you. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Show off unusual talents. Suggest new ways of doing things. 
  • Order. Order and cleanliness will also be important to the Rabbit boss. Keep your workspace clean, pick up after yourself, and make sure filing systems stay neat and organized. 
  • Beauty. A Rabbit needs lovely surroundings. You’ll score extra points if you hang an interesting painting in your office or light a scented candle on your desk.
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