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Ashley Judd: Earth Monkey Tells it Like it Is
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Did you hear about all the hoopla? Actress Ashley Judd has apparently had enough of the media. Specifically, the way they criticize women’s bodies and scrutinize every last detail about their appearances. Recently, she spoke out against this negative trend in a pretty bold (and awesome!) statement that basically made the media look like a bunch of fools. The statement was issued after the media make snide remarks about her getting plastic surgery (which she didn’t), but the message was much broader than that. 

So, naturally, it made us wonder: What’s her sign?

Turns out, Ashley is an Earth Monkey. 

Ahh… now it all makes sense.

Monkeys are one of the most logical, critically-thinking signs of the Chinese Zodiac. They know how to appropriately analyze information and decide objectively whether or not it’s true, useful, relevant, and so on. Clearly, Ashley wasn’t liking what she was hearing. Monkeys can also be incredibly eloquent, which is exactly what Ashley was on the subject. (Heck, she used words even I haven’t heard of!) True, Monkeys may be more concerned with their public images than other signs, but Ashley’s no fool- she saw that the media were having a field day at her expense and she wasn’t about to put up with it. 

Being an Earth sign, Ashley also seems to be blessed with being grounded, honest, and totally in tune with who she is. She has a clear knowledge of right and wrong, and she’s not about to tolerate an injustice that she can do something about. 

Well, Ashley, women everywhere thank you. It’s not fun living in a culture that idolizes skinny and beautiful over smart and capable. 

You make a Monkey proud. 
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