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2007 Year of the Fire Pig, but Golden as Well? PART 1
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Chinese Zodiac says that the Year of the Golden Fire Pig comes only once every 600 years and rumor has it, 2007 is this special year.  It is Golden because the combination of elemental Fire, the sign Pig, and Yin/Yang components bring this year once every six centuries!


It is said that children born under this sign will live in comfort as wealth and luck are always near. The Fire Pig is known to have traits of wealth, prosperity, luck and fertility but people in Korea and China have taken this “Golden” prophecy to new levels.  Reports indicate that fertility is on the rise – over 10% in Korea and China – sparking the onslaught of everything from websites for “Golden Pig Mothers” to hotels creating special maternity “stay” packages for Fall 2007.


Adding more fuel to the Fire (no pun intended), many newlyweds tied to the knot in the Spring of 2006 since last year was known to be a year with two Springs.  What does this mean?  It means that couples married during this time would live happily and with much prosperity.  Should be no surprise that with the Year of the Golden Pig upon us, and a double-whammy of the rainy-yet-lucky season in 2006, newlyweds are wasting no time getting pregnant.  Hospitals and clinics all across China and Korea are seeing 20% to 50% increases in pregnant women visiting doctors or receiving counseling. 


So do all these parents know what they are getting themselves into?  We’ll look into this next time in PART 2 of this article coming soon…

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me   (10/30/2014)
there are 12 zodiac signs in combination with 5 elements which simply gives 60-year cycles, just thought that "Golden" stands for metal element which seems to be incorrect, and the right is fire element (which is not clear to me as the chinese character for metal also means gold ... so it´s a bit confusing)
qing   (1/1/2013)
@Martin, should every 600 years. gold pig is fire pig. My younger one was born 2007 who is the most sweetest and very smart. I was very blessed have her when I was 41.
Amber   (9/11/2012)
I kept hearing about 2012 being the year of the dragon as I am expecting my 3rd child - so I decided to look up my first two. To my delight my first son was year of the Golden Pig and the personality traits listed fit him, as well as my second son being born a Tiger in 2010! Starting to think people should pay more attention to these, for the fun and the characteristics listed.
ChoLa   (8/18/2012)
my nice is was born in the year of the golden pig and i bleave they are the most sweetest peole they are very smart and careing and loveing toward animals and i love her so much
Martin   (1/21/2012)
You state 2007 and some sites say 1995. You say comes around every 600 years others say 60 years.I was born in 1947 and with a 60 cycle would make 2007 correct. There must only be one correct answer and not the dozens of different answers I have found
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