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The Effect Of Pisces On Chinese Astrology
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The Western Zodiac centers around the sun, whereas, the Chinese Zodiac centers around the moon. Today, our experts at will combine  both the Western and Chinese Zodiac to give you a more profound understanding of the Chinese Zodiac and Chinese Astrology. Our focus for this article will be on how Pisces influences the Chinese Zodiac and Chinese Astrology.

Rat Chinese Zodiac Sign

You are likely to be more intuitive and spiritual than other Rat sign people, who are often materialistic. Pisces probably makes you more sensitive and less self confident than your peers, causing you to walk away from problems rather than tackle them with Rat-like confidence, thinking you may not be able to work your way through any maze. In fact, very uncharacteristic of a Rat, you may occasionally suffer from low self esteem.  A big positive is enhanced empathy and a caring side to your personality. You are also more likely to sacrifice your own interests to help others.

Ox Chinese Zodiac Sign

People might consider you a strange Ox indeed, as Pisces adds a sensitive, emotional side to your personality, traits not normally associated with your Ox sign. You're also likely to be more gregarious and empathetic and to demonstrate a sense of humor more readily. And, you may not have such a large amount of that typical, Ox self confidence and determination. Still, the kindness and overall softness Pisces contributes will make you more likable and fun to be around in most situations.

Tiger Chinese Zodiac Sign

Pisces makes for a kinder and gentler Tiger. People will probably be able to see this in you due to the empathy you display. You are thus likely to not only be a caring person, but also to actually listen and better respond to needs as well as just pushing for what you think should be. A downside is Pisces reigns in your self confidence and self esteem. You could thus feel hurt easier than your peers, back down or give up on projects sooner, and be more dependent on the approval of others. You might, however, have better intuition and be more inclined to be spiritual.

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Sign

Pisces and Rabbit have many similar traits. The result is your Western sign tends to magnify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as many other characteristics of your personality.  You are likely to be a very gentle and sensitive person, someone who gets hurt easily. You probably have a great deal of empathy. Although you may vacillate from a strong giving nature to a somewhat selfish one, overall you tend to be kindly and generally willing to sacrifice for others. Finally, you may not be that good at practical matters or sticking with something when the going gets tough.

Dragon Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Pisces Dragon is more sensitive and thoughtful of other people’s needs than most members of that sign and also more desirous of outside approval.  You may also have a little less of the Dragon’s normal (over)confidence. In fact, on occasion, you may give up when the going gets tough. Pisces enhances your tendency to dream, especially about achieving non-material goals. Generally you are easier to get along with, more intuitive and more easily hurt but less intense  than fellow Dragons.

Snake Chinese Zodiac Sign

Pisces strengthens your tendency to withdraw within yourself, especially when hurt. You are likely to be more sensitive to the needs of others and more kindly than your Snake-sign peers are. It also enhances your innate, intuitive abilities, including psychic ones. You are also more likely to have an interest in occult and, or, spiritual matters. And, Pisces is likely to imbue you with some creative ability. You may, however, have less confidence in yourself and be more willing to go along with the group.

Horse Chinese Zodiac Sign

You may not be as independent-minded as other Horse sign people and thus more likely to be comfortable in group situations. On the other hand you could have more empathy and a willingness to cater to the needs of others. This may be due in part to a greater need for acceptance and love from them, but the end result is a kinder and gentler you. You also could be more intuitive. You may, however, lack the usual Horse propensity to seek the spotlight and even to suffer from a lack of confidence from time to time.

Sheep Chinese Zodiac Sign

There are a lot of similarities between Pisces and Sheep, making you a very gentle and sensitive representative of your sign. In general most of your Sheep qualities, both good and bad, are enhanced. A big plus is an increase in mental powers, to include greater intuition and significantly more empathy. It would not be unusual for people to seek you out when they have problems. Perhaps the biggest downside of Pisces is more vulnerability to emotional hurt and difficulty in rebounding from such situations.

Monkey Chinese Zodiac Sign

Pisces increases your cleverness, due in no small measure to greater intuitive ability. It could, however, increase your mistrust and cynicism if, like most Monkeys, your youthful naiveté resulted in your being emotionally hurt due to some kind of betrayal.  Indeed, Pisces can increase your self doubt in general.  You are probably more spiritual and less materialistic than your peers. And, you tend to be more sensitive and emotional. Ironically, you may be kinder yet more bossy---at different times of course.

Rooster Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Rooster sign person is generally considered to be organized and practical. Under the influence of Pisces, however, you probably exhibit less of these traits than others of your sign. On the other hand you may be less plucky and self confident, perhaps even to the extent of having problems with self esteem. You may also be less business-like, more friendly, and more empathetic. You are a kinder and gentler Rooster; although, at times you could be bossy and are likely to be more sensitive than your peers.

Dog Chinese Zodiac Sign

Normally the Dog sign person is thought of as rather thick skinned, but under the influence of Pisces, you are likely to be more sensitive than your peers. And, when it comes to being hurt, you'll need more time to bounce back.  You're also probably more demonstrably friendly, that is openly displaying affection, and kinder. Unfortunately, you may not be as practical and thus have to periodically ground yourself and focus on mundane, though necessary, matters requiring your attention. You may, however, be more fun.

Pig Chinese Zodiac Sign

You are likely to be even more empathetic and sensitive than your Pig sign peers. This makes you an even kinder and gentler Pig. Although this sensitivity is great for your interpersonal relations, it could contribute to your defensiveness and possibly a lack of self esteem. Pisces enhances your imagination and intuition, but it could also make you less practical. It's up to you to take advantage of Pisces' strengths and avoid the weaknesses. A final point: you could have a heightened interest in spiritual matters.
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