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Chinese Astrology Zodiac Signs and Their Western Counterparts
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Does your Chinese Zodiac sign have a Western Zodiac equivalent sign? Yes, it does. Our staff here at have compile a list of Chinese Zodiac signs and their matching counterparts in the Western Zodiac.

The Rat Chinese Zodiac sign is equivalent to Sagittarius.

The Ox Chinese Zodiac sign is equivalent to Capricorn.

The Tiger  Chinese Zodiac sign is equivalent to Aquarius.

The  Rabbit Chinese Zodiac sign is equivalent to Pisces.

The  Dragon Chinese Zodiac sign is equivalent to Aries.

The  Snake Chinese Zodiac sign is equivalent to Taurus.

The  Horse Chinese Zodiac sign is equivalent to Gemini.

The  Sheep Chinese Zodiac sign is equivalent to Cancer.

The  Monkey Chinese Zodiac sign is equivalent to Leo.

The Rooster Chinese Zodiac sign is equivalent to Virgo.

The  Dog Chinese Zodiac sign is equivalent to Libra.

The  Pig Chinese Zodiac sign is equivalent to Scorpio.
First name
wanda   (1/3/2017)
Money luck?
Katrina   (7/11/2016)
Can someone who is a dog ( Chinese zodiac equvialent of Libra) not be a laramist,or have the traits of another Chinese animal sign? the sign that i'm thinking of in may case is tiger.
Stacy   (5/11/2015)
I am a Rat in Chinese horoscope and a Libra in the Western zodiac.I am looking for aromance and live-in mate.I am very fond of a Horse lady,but so far have been unreqitted in my efforts.Any advice? Sincerely, Stacy
elissa   (2/19/2015)
im an aries in the western world and a sheep in the asian zodiac who do i belong with. so far i haven't found anyone that i can live with other then a best friend who is a gemini in the western world who i yurn for as more the a friend but i think about it i dont think she'd be happy with me help!!!!!!!!! Ive felt lost my whole life. i dont want to be when i return to the earth.
Armando   (1/9/2015)
Yes, you would be part Aries because it resembles it "equivalent" means something that is alike so you would be air for an example and it would be air and fire
Armando   (1/9/2015)
Margaret   (1/1/2015)
If I'm aquarius in the regular western, but I'm a dragon in the chinese am I really part aries if it said dragon's counterpart is aries?
Dan   (4/20/2014)
its half and half is it not? Rooster begins at 15 virgo 01 or September the 8th. And doesn't your Chinese astrology website also fail to properly show results of mixing elements, yang earth and yin water, and the fact that in Chinese astro the year animal is not as important as the day animal
Dulcie   (3/11/2014)
I want my Chinese horoscope. I am LEO AUGUST BORN)
ben   (10/8/2012)
i read on another astrology website that the dragon was equivalent to saggitarius and the rat, aries - which confused me because that way the two systems dont follow the same order. this way makes alot more sense. thank you
Daniel   (9/13/2012)
Gemini sign
Daniel   (9/13/2012)
Hi there again! I born on 19 june 1965.
Daniel   (9/13/2012)
Hi there!
Rick schiller   (7/8/2012)
at it sstarts the Rat with Aries which is 4 months after Sagitarius, and then it describes the two western and eastern the same comparing how they are alike. What i am studying is Genesis and how the 1200 years form 2637-1437bc are actually 600 years from 2029-1437bc in a calendar of 360-day. The effect is the 600 years span only 592 years these 10 cycles of 60-year calendar which observes a Venus 8 years earlier than intended in 1429bc. That 8 years will make a 360-day Monkey year in 2029bc come in 1437bc instead of 1429bc. That is to say if a culture uses 365-day Egyptian calendar from 2029bc July 16 (Persian Pamenot 1)as MONKEY year to 1429bc Feb 17 (Pamenot 1) MONKEY year, then their year 1437bc would be RAT year in the MONKEY year of those who refused to drop the 360-day calendar. This is important because 7 orbits of Jupiter are 84 years of 360 days in only 83 real years. In current Chinese calendar be it from 237bc or 1437bc, Jupiter loses a year every 83 years. From 1437bc Jupiter in Leo in RAT year will go to Leo in 1354bc PIG year, to Leo in 1271bc DOG year, to Leo in 1188bc ROOSTER year, to Leo in 1105bc MONKEY year, to Leo in 1022bc SHEEP year, to Leo in 939bc HORSE year, to Leo in 856bc SNAKE year, to Leo in 773bc DRAGON year, to Leo in 690bc Rabbit year, to Leo in 607bc Tiger year, to Leo in 524bc Ox year, to Leo in 441bc Rat year (full circle is 996 years). Then Leo in 358bc Pig year, Leo in 275bc Dog year so that 36 years later Leo Jupiter is in 239bc Dog year, Virgo in 238bc Pig year, and Libra 237bc Rat year. If a 365-day calendar without leap days were used from 1437bc, then Rat year will be either 1437-238bc, or 1436-237bc. What all cultures have done is claim they already had, and knew, and had learned long before their actual development of their current knowledge. It is the i knew it before you knew it syndrome. OUr nation knew it first, or our church knew it first. All because they think the only people who die are those who are late. They dont think about those who are wrong... know too much wrong technology. Perhaps it is awesome that Jehovah has shown how the earth works with the videos of the Japanese tsunami soon to come in a mile deep when the asteroid hits.
Rick schiller   (7/8/2012)
I would like to comment on the Rat-Wood. The five elements carry over to Japan, where as China prefers ten identities not two of each element. It is clear by two of each elements that it is not the Rat that is male, and the next ox that is female (thus a cow), but rather the male and female belong to the element as in wood male then wood female, and fire male then fire female. Yes it gives the illusion that the animals themselves are specific male then female, yin and yang, Je and To.
Rick schiller   (7/8/2012)
Dragon spring Feb 4 to April 23; winter tortoise Apr 24 to July 26; autumn tiger July 27 to Oct 5; summer red bird Oct 6 to Feb 3. Note the seasons are backwards... i presumed the soochow chart begins with Feb 4. I also noted that the ox (in the tortoise) is before the virgin.
Rick schiller   (7/8/2012)
okay. The book i read was about the four seasons big red bird, dragon, etc, and it showed the stars they lay upon. Obviously the 3-month dragon of the one season must include the single dragon zodiac. But here is another issue. Is the Horse the astrological month of the Gemini zone G.May 23-G.Jun 22 or is it the stars of Gemini (G.Jun 16-G.July 15).Is the Monkey the astrological month of the Leo zone G.July 23-G.Aug 22 or is it the stars of Leo (G.Aug 16-G.Sep 15). I say this because i find it odd that Monkey would look like Leo whose stars look like a horse two months before Monkey. The 4000-year old Leo stars (G.Jun 23-G.July 22) are two months before G.Aug 23-G.Sep 22. The twin Gemini brothers do not ride a horse.
Rick schiller   (7/7/2012)
I am confused because i have a book i got in the 1980s which said the Chinese animals are in the reverse direction as the stars. In other words is Rat is Sagitarius then Ox is Scorpio and Tiger is Libra and Rabbit is Virgo. And the book tried to presume precession would reverse them in 12,900 years. No it wouldnt, but that doesnt answer why they are reversed... observation of set or rise would do that. BUT you say they are not reversed. Please email me.
Vanessa   (3/4/2012)
Why are they equivalent ? Are the stars in the same place or is it just by characteristics? Being a Rat(wood) I don't feel like a Sagittarius. I'm also a Pisces. I don't get along with Sagittarius's neither.
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